Photoblogger Cuts Loose On Revamped Site

North Branch, Chicago River at Lawrence Avenue bridge

My friend Chris May, a.k.a. Evil Vince, has turned his web site into a photoblog. It’s good to see. I’ve been helping friends set up their sites for a number of years now, but I just started implementing blogs for others.

It seems the distinction between blogs and web sites may soon fade as all sites become blogs, or blog like. Forgetting the “frequently updated” part of what a blog is for a moment, and just looking at the content management tools (all available via your web browser), one might think of a blog as the fastest and easiest route to publishing on the web. Ease-of-entry is clealry one of the blogosphere’s major selling points.

Chicago’s Bloggers Are On The Map

I love maps. I love blogs. Hence, I’m naturally drawn to maps that pinpoint where the bloggers are.


Click on the map to visit ChicagoBlogMap dot com. From there you can search for Chicago bloggers by their CTA train stop.

Seeing What Deacon Sees

It’s always fun to see what visitors to a city will see in their lens. Here we have the rush of a CTA train at Rockwell Crossing, in north central Chicago as witnessed by David Keller, during his recent visit from Salt Lake City.


Provencal In Lincoln Square

I believe in word-of-mouth advertising. I also believe in neighborhood joints that prove themselves worthy of such beliefs. Bistro Campagne, a French country restaurant in Lincoln Square (the original is in Evanston), gives a neighbor ample reason to believe. This place has perfect service, and I find that hard to come by anymore. Plus, the food is great and the environment is as comfortable as your living room. I’ve been there twice now, and count myself fortunate.


Chicago’s Great Brands Generate Stunning Wealth

“In retrospect, the real beginning of Lands’ End probably lies interred with the bones of some distant ancestor of mine, who passed along those genes compelling me toward total independence. The idea for the company though, appeared the winter of my discontent, bumming in the Swiss Alps around Davos. I read The Magic Mountain and contemplated whether there would be life after 33, and what it might consist of. One thing, I did not want to go back to the job I left (but I did go back to Young & Rubicam for a year) and I wanted to start a business, something to do with my hobby, sailboat racing.” – Gary Comer, former Y&R copywriter


I’ve been pondering what some of the Forbes 400 richest did to achieve their great wealth. Often, when I see a mansion that’s simply too big or some other ostentatious display, I’ll point and say, “Arms dealer.” I’m only too pleased to report my speculation is off kilter. In Chicago, the richest people got that way by building great companies–Lands’ End (now operating out of Dodgeville, WI), CDW, Oprah, Hyatt, Wrigley, and Motorola to name a few.

In a twisted insight into consumer buying habits, the richest Chicagoan (at five billion in net worth) is H. Ty Warner, the man behind the Beanie Babies phenomenon.

House of Hate No Irie Mon

The Chicago Tribune reported today that local gay rights activists protested last night’s concert at Chicago’s House of Blues by Jamaican dancehall star, Capleton. This is the latest in an ongoing struggle by gay activists to bring international attention to the hate-filled lyrics of several Reggae artists, including Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Sizzla and most notably Buju Banton, an artist Amnesty International claims took part in a June beating of six gay men in Jamaica. Banton’s own performances have been recently cancelled in England, and his contract with Puma–despite his recent Olympics performance–is under intense scrutiny by the hip lifestyle brand.


Capleton’s show at HOB went on as planned, solidifying HOB’s position as one the most corporate venues in popular music today. According to The Trib report, Jack Gannon, a spokesman for the Los Angeles-based entertainment company, said performers deserve the same freedom of expression on stage that the protesters have in the street.

Roscoe Location Too Hot for Doug’s

In what may only be described as a culinary setback for the city, Hot Doug’s is temporarily out of business, due to a fire in the apartment above them. Doug is presently looking for a new location. The good citizens of Lincoln Square ought to lure him away from Roscoe Village. That would be another major score for the Square.


Attention Map Lovers

I love maps. I’ve been fascinated with them since childhood, well before I could actually drive. To me, these charted stories suggest places I might go. Thus, maps are full of intrigue for me and they often serve to fuel my imagination. So, imagine my delight at finding this Library of Congress online resouce, a veritable treasure trove of maps from early in American (and world) history.

A panoramic view of Chicago, as rendered in 1916

Towards A Greener Chicago

Chicago has a green mayor and this fact encourages investment in alternative energy. Several schools in Chicago have been outfitted for solar, and the new Millennium Park is also producing solar energy. Two local vendors to help get you up and running at home or work are Spire Solar and Nekolux.

“Sustainability equals peace.” -Dennis Kucinich