Canadian Journalist Freed From Captivity

by | Sep 22, 2004

Veteran Canadian war correspondent and former soldier, Scott Taylor, managed to survive five days in captivity in the northern Iraq city Tal Afar. The radical terror group, Ansar Al-Islam, in collusion with U.S.-backed local police, tortured him and repeatedly threatened to decapitate him for being an Israeli spy. According to Taylor the presence of his news articles on the web helped prove his journalistic claims and secure his freedom.


After his release, Taylor noted that the resistance to American forces in Iraq is more organized now than ever, and growing stronger by the day, as anxious-to-die-for-their-cause recruits are in plentiful supply. Taylor claimed today on Democracy Now, that it will take three times our current military presence in Iraq to fight these religiously-informed combatants. Which clearly spells D-R-A-F-T, under a Kerry administration or another four-year farce from Bush.