Hanging With The Cool Kids

by | Sep 24, 2009

As a prelude to a four night run by Modest Mouse at the Crystal Ballroom this week, Casey Jarman of Willamette Week caught up with Isaac Brock and delved in to his side project—Glacial Pace, an indie label which is home to emerging bands Mimicking Birds and Morning Teleportation.

Here’s a look at the latter, a group of transplanted Southerners who originally got together in Bowling Green, Kentucky:

Jarman explains Brock’s attraction to the band…

Brock says their blossoming friendship was partly a matter of timing. “I just really had a good time any time I’d run into them,” he says. “At that point, anyone I’d try to hang out with wanted to hang out with a dollar bill hanging out of their nose. And those kids weren’t doing white drugs, so they were a lot more fun to hang out with. I was on my way out of the drug scene entirely, and just being buzzed and cruising around with these funny-as-fuck kids was great.”

After a few such hangouts, Brock finally had an opportunity to see the band play last year. His expectations were low. “I went and caught them just because they were playing in town the same night we were,” he says. “There was no one there, but they were fucking awesome. I was kind of shocked by how good they were. I liked the energy.”