Blogging London’s Best Eggs Bacon Chips and Beans

by | Jan 14, 2005


The ebcb is faultless – look at the aesthetics, nicely reduced beans, those modern crunchy chips which really absorb the bean juice, and a beautiful pale egg. And the bacon is hugely flavourful – it tastes fresh off the pig. -Russell Davies, account planner and cafe lover

For those considering a venture into the blogosphere, may I point out the value in blogging a niche. The tighter the niche the better. You can be the expert on something meaningful, or something quirky. Either way, there may well be an interested audience waiting. Take Egg Bacon Chips and Beans, Russell Davies’ blog about a dish served in London’s diners. I don’t live anywhere near London and I’m interested in it. If I did live nearby, you can be assured I would enjoy eating said dish at the recommended cafes. Minus the eggs. I don’t like eggs.