Blogaholics Not Anonymous

by | Sep 4, 2006

Wall Street Journal questions whether bloggers, especially those who rely on their sites for income, can afford to ever take a break. It seems an appropriate question on this day of no labor.

In the height of summer-holiday season, bloggers face the inevitable question: to blog on break or put the blog on a break? Fearing a decline in readership, some writers opt not to take vacations. Others keep posting while on location, to the chagrin of their families. Those brave enough to detach themselves from their keyboards for a few days must choose between leaving the site dormant or having someone blog-sit.

To be sure, most bloggers don’t agonize over this decision. Of the 12 million bloggers on the Internet, only about 13% post daily, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Even fewer — 10% — spend 10 or more hours a week on their blogs.

I clearly fall into some strange category, for I have my hand in six blogs at the moment. Rain or shine, work day or day off, I take in information. Blogging is what comes out the other end. It may be shit somethimes, but it’s a totally natural process.