Blog Walkers Talking

by | Jan 26, 2005

Participants in last Saturday’s Blog Walk 6.0 have been posting their summaries of the event. Here are some of my favorite comments:

“More than anything else, what blogs and social software do is make it drop dead simple to make the conduct of knowledge work visible.” –Jim McGee

“If I like what you write, it stands to reason that I might like what you read. This is the ‘social’ piece that I was thinking about it. Through things like blogrolls, subscriber lists and listings of who else bookmarked a specific page, I am able to be connected with other like minded people.” –Steve Dembo

“One concept that really crystallized for me is that bloggers are the the new starving artists — we allow our passion for producing our product (the information in our blogs) to adversely impact our ability to rationally place a value upon it.” –Matt Homann

“At the end of the day, Mark Bernstein (Tinderbox!!!) said something to the effect that blogs should be changing the world.” –Dennis Kennedy

“There’s a sense in this crew that the real action is Somewhere Else, that they’re at the margins.” –Mark Bernstein

“BlogWalk 6 was a fantastic event for conversation and idea exchange. It was not a place for decisions or conclusions.” –Tom Sherman