Beavers Build

by | Mar 24, 2009

I believe in Oregon. I want to grow a business, hire people, and help the state realize a great economic future. I promise to hire Oregonians, grow my business in Oregon and keep my company in the state of Oregon. I want to build value not just for my employees and shareholders, but for State employees and the people of Oregon. -the pledge of Beaver State entrepreneurs

A group of Oregon entrepreneurs—Harvey Mathews, Wayne Embree, Josh Friedman and Mark Grimes—is pushing to raise $100 million to help support startup ventures based in the Beaver State.

A few days ago at NedSpace entrepreneurs gathered to deliver their elevator speeches. Members of Capybara Ventures, NW Technology Ventures, NedSpace, Oregon Angel Fund, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Reference Capital, Software Association of Oregon and Starve Ups were there to listen and encourage.

Startup Geek, David Abramowski says:

With all of the talk of the Obama Stimulus Plan it just makes sense that some of the money is directed towards the people that want to create new companies. The case is simple. Small businesses employ a hell of a lot of people and could employ a lot more. It doesn’t take millions of dollars to get a smart entrepreneur down the path to success. This meeting was all about showing the state of Oregon that there is talent, there are ideas, there are businesses to invest in.

Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist is encouraging entrepreneurs who did not make the meeting to fill out on online form he set up that asks some basic questions. Like how would your startup use $250,000 this year? Turoczy will compile the responses and forward them to the folks working on this who will in turn deliver them to the Oregon Treasurer’s and Governor’s offices, and to various Mayors’ desks.

I answered the questions with AdPulp in mind. I said we’d hire five writers. And now as I engage around this question again and consider the possibilities inherent in my own startup, I’m rightfully excited. With five full time, fairly compensated and totally motivated writers on staff, AdPulp could make some serious noise. I like that idea, maybe even enough to pursue funds from angel investors.