Back In Action

by | May 11, 2004

Burnin’ ~ A Blog went down about ten days ago, along with 13 Web sites I host for clients, family, and friends. Whizhost, my former hosting provider pulled the plug on their servers and no data has been recovered, by me or by any of their thousands of outraged former customers. Since I hard code my sites, I’ve been able to rebuild almost everything from scratch. Sadly, this is not the case with my blog, where the content management software resides on the server. I do have about 90% of my entries backed up in a Word doc, but all the formatting (hyperlinks, time stamps, categories, etc.) is gone, as are my most recent entires that I had yet to back up. Naturally, I’m pissed about the situation, but it’s a lesson learned. Lesson one: choose your suppliers wisely. Lesson two: always have a current backup of everything on hand.