Salmon Up The Pooder

by | Aug 10, 2002

Leftover Salmon

As Milt, Julie, Lori, and I arrived at Mishawaka up beautiful Poudre Canyon for the Salmon, we could not help but notice the music playing over the PA–Widespread Panic. A friend approached right before the Salmon started and told us the news. Mikey Houser had passed away. With that sad news weighing on us, the Salmon came out and dedicated the show to Mark Vann and Mikey, and then rededicated “Ain’t No Use” to Mikey in the first set. It was a spine-tingling moment, for sure. Salmon played an enormous show from 9:30 p.m. until 2:20 a.m. with the amazing “Sharon” by David Bromberg thrown in among several encore choices. All the while meteors shot across the mountain sky in celestial grandeur. Cosmic!