4 Nights 4 Phil

by | Apr 8, 2002

Phil Lesh + Phriends

I turned 37 on April 4th and Phil treated me to a deep space show in Denver’s Phil-More Auditorium. The first set featured “Sittin on Top of the World” and the second set included guitar hero Derek Trucks in the mix. After the show, I got to see Warren and he told me his birthday is 4/6/60. We also talked about how Muddy Waters was born on my birthday in 1915. The next night was rockin’ and featured a killer Help>Slip>Frank to close the second set. Phil then returned the favor to young Derek by showing up at the tiny Bluebird Theatre, four miles down Colfax Avenue. After watching from the wings for awhile, Phil shared the stage with Derek, his band, and Leftover Salmon keyboard player Bill McKay for a rousing rendition of “Lovelight.” The weekend brought two more shows up in Vail and I certainly had no arguement with that. Saturday’s show had many awesome moments but I appreciated the “Casey Jones,” especially given the setting. Vail kids love the bumps! Sunday was perhaps the best night of the four as far as the band’s delivery of the selected material. “Till the Morning Comes” is right now still ringing in my ears and it’s 48 hours later.