All The Freaky People Make The Beauty Of The World

by | Oct 15, 2005

According to two grateful blogs, Uncle John’s and Knockin’ on the Golden Door, Ann Coulter is a genuine Deadhead. Their evidence? A photo from the pundit’s own site.

Coulter in Berlin

I suggested on Uncle John’s that she might just be posing next to Grateful Dead’s slice of Americana and not really be a Deadhead. Mark Firestone of the Knockin’ blog wrote to me to say, Coulter is a Deadhead. He also said, “Those who can’t see beyond one facet of a person’s character, in my opinion, are the true posers.” I happen to agree with that, while having no appreciation whatsoever for Firestone’s open admiration of Ann Coulter.

Whether Ann is or is not a Deadhead does not concern me. There are conservative Deadheads. For a fact. They are but one of a dozen or more easily identifiable sub genres of Deadheads.

I got in to the band at Franklin & Marshall College, where another more prevalent subset, Establishment Deadheads (who liked the band at Choate!) were strongly concentrated. Bobby and Barlow’s prep school-spawned friendship indicates just how interwoven this “type” is into the scene.

Other types of Deadheads include:

– Trustafarians (white dreads with a mil or more on ice)
– Lot Rats (prefer the lot scene and may or may not go in to the show)
– Red Heads (beer swillin’ rednecks)
– The Spinners (cult members)
– Locals (Bay Area residents only need apply)
– Wharf Rats (sober Deadheads)
– Change Agents (heads with a political agenda)
– Swingers (high priests of the drug world)
– Old Timers (real Hippies)
– Rainbows (“What’s yours is mine, brother.”)
– Jocks (sports, shows, it’s all the same street)
– Gear Heads (Skiers, kayakers, bikers, climbers, sailors, etc.)
– Techies (the Peninsula’s inventor class)
– Tapers (serious archivists)
– Students (just passing through)
– Rockers (out for a good time…band is secondary)
– New Agers (the crystal krewe)
Fashionistas (click the link)

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