A Real Human Interest Story

by | Dec 1, 2004

Robert McArtor, 71, of Spring Hill, Tenn. has his wallet back. After 30 years.

According to The Tennessean, employees of Bison Designs in Longmont, Colo., which manufactures belts, key chains and bottle openers, found the wallet. Company owner Brian Kelleghan said he had purchased a building and was having new windows installed when a contractor pulled some insulation out of the wall. Out fell the wallet.

”It was crammed full of pictures from what looked like multiple generations,” Kelleghan said. ”It was obviously a gem and I could tell the man who owned it was a family man.”

The key to finding the rightful owner of the stolen-long-ago wallet was a note found inside scribbled by McArtor’s 6-year old daughter, Beverly. ”I love you mother and father,” the note said. ”You are good pairint’s and as I said I love you, Love Beverly.”


Kelleghan took the wallet to his office and showed it to several employees. Colleen Kelly, who manages the company’s new accounts and bill collections, took an interest in finding the owner of the wallet. She couldn’t find a Robert McArtor online but came up with another plan. ”I had the note and just typed in the daughter’s first and last name and found her on a college alumni Web site,” Kelly said. ”It’s scary what you can find on the Internet.”

”It must be an extraordinary person that would go to this length to track us down,” said Robert McArtor, 71. ”Only in this computerized day and age could they have a way to track us down. If the wallet was found in 1975, when I lost it, they probably wouldn’t have found us.”

thanks to uber-blogger, Jim Romenesko, for bringing this story to light