A Little Rain For Your Parade

by | Oct 21, 2008

Things About Portland That Suck is kind of funny, I have to say. There are so many nice things about living here that you can forget, or simply choose to overlook the not so good things. Like the site’s Reason #56: Wannabe Suicide Girls.

Contrary to the beliefs held in the hearts of hundreds of scantily dressed, overly inked, dyed and pierced girls in Portland, they are in fact not ALL Suicide Girls.

I know it’s shocking… but not all of these “gorgeous”-yet-alternative girls actually get paid to take it off for the camera.

Some other zingers include Street Kids With Pets; Moped/Scooter Gangs; McMenamins’ Service; Dixie Tavern; Your Band; and White Guilt.

This site is on its way to becoming Portland’s version of the smash interweb success, Stuff White People Like.