Mofro Up In the ‘Hood

by | Jun 20, 2004

Mofro + Galactic

Chicago hosts neighborhood festivals every weekend during the summer months, sometimes several in one weekend. This weekend brought Taste of Randolph to the West Loop Gate. Apparently there were Vince Vaughn sitings, but I wasn’t there to mingle with the gliterati. I was there to catch my first-ever Mofro show topped off by good old Galactic. JJ Grey, the leader of Mofro, is basically a north Florida cracker. But damn can this cracker sing and play. I’m purchasing their debut CD, Blackwater, straight away and I look forward to my next foray into Grey’s piney swamp of funk, soul, folk and blues. Galactic was good too, but for me, Mofro stole the show.