With Good Publicity You Can Rule The World

by | Mar 4, 2004

Republicans zealously claim to be pro-business. So, why elect a Governor of Texas and then a President of the United States with a long and sordid history of failed business dealings? Because Dick Cheney is there to run things, but the VP has next to no charm. Dubya is a much better frontman for the oil industry. Much like Ronald Reagan, Dubya is a useful prop, an electable face. He’s been propped up by his cronies, his family, and various oil industry interests his entire life. Like any good servant, he recognizes just how much he owes his supporters. And he has no qualms about paying them back, no matter the cost in lives lost, the ruin of the American economy and democracy itself.

A carefully-crafted publicity shot can work wonders. Here we see that Dubya is one of us–a pickup truck drivin’, tobacco spittin’ good old boy (not a Harvard-educated MBA groomed for the top slot).