Hendrix Transcribed

I love this:

Dick Cavett: I heard you use the expression “electric church” as an ambition you had, was this speaking metaphorically or poetically or do you really want to…?

Jimi Hendrix: It’s just a belief that I have. We do use electric guitars. Everything you know is electrified now days, therefore the belief comes through the electricity to the people. That’s why we play so loud. Because it doesn’t actually hit through the eardrums like most groups do now days. They say we’re gonna play loud too, ’cause they’re playin’ loud. And they got this real shrill sound, you know, that’s really hard. We play for our sound to go inside the soul of the person, actually, you know. And see if they can awaken some kind of thing in their minds, you know, ’cause there’s so many sleeping people.