Life Lessons, Care of Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia achieved great things. He was an artist with a unique vision and a unique ability to convey his vision. He was a hero to many, and a rock icon to many more.

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He was also a nice man with a large heart and a gentle spirit. There’s plenty of evidence, including my own anecdotal evidence. I met Jerry one morning, completely by chance at his local grocery store in Marin County. I wanted to give him some space. He wanted to chat. Because he was gregarious and he loved his fans.

In 2013, to celebrate 9 Days of Jerry (the annual event to remember Jerry which takes place each August 1 to August 9), I started this series of articles about teachings that can be gleaned from his work and his life.

I am now making the series available here, and adding new pieces to the collection as I write them.

Jerry Garcia: Guitar Yogi

Jerry Garcia: Improvisational Wizard

Jerry Garcia: Rule Breaker

Jerry Garcia: Risk Taker

Jerry Garcia: Built to Last

Jerry Garcia: He Did It Himself (And So Can You)

Jerry Garcia: Master Collaborator

Jerry Garcia: Strong Leader

Jerry Garcia: Roots Man