I Was A Pirate for Halloween

by | Nov 1, 2003

My peer-to-peer file sharing experience has been pretty limited. I do acquire and share various sound files, mostly all legal (since the bands I enjoy promote live concert taping and file sharing among fans), and I have had friends rip and burn expensive software for me, but yesterday I took the next step and downloaded Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, complete with license number, via Lime Wire’s peer-to-peer software and file sharing community.

If I’m a Macromedia employee or shareholder I’m pissed. Unless I can adjust to a new way of thinking about transactions in this shifty hypertext environment. If I can see file-sharers as early adopters of my product and key to creating buzz and value-added technical troubleshooting to boot. Then, I might be okay with these “free” transactions.