Down From Zion

by | Jun 14, 2005

Heather and Jon (two Utahns I do not know, except through their respective blogs) attended a wedding in Beaufort recently. Here’s some of what they reported.


Heather: While on vacation in South Carolina we took a leisurely (HA! Jon has scars from all my nagging TO GET A MOVE ON) trip to Fripp Island, a private beach where rich white people roam around in golf carts. We had packed swimsuits and thought that we could pick up sunscreen on the 20 mile drive out, but the gas station we picked had none in stock. They did, however, have four-foot-wide barrels of ice and beer sitting at the end of each aisle, you know, in case anyone got thirsty on their long drive. I HAVE BEEN IN UTAH WAY TOO LONG.

Jon: I’ve been to Austin, I’ve been to Memphis, I’ve been to Talahassee, I’ve been to Apalachicola and I’ve even been to Charleston. However, I’d have to say that our recent trip to Beaufort, South Carolina was the south I’d always heard about. It is the most southern city I’ve ever visited.

This couple likes to take photos and they’re not shy about sharing them. Here’s Jon’s Flickr set from the trip, and here’s Heather’s.