Darrell Scott’s “River” Takes Me Far From Troubled Times

by | Aug 22, 2010

Darrell Scott pulled in to Puddletown last night for a show at the new Alberta Rose Theatre on NE Alberta Street. I was impressed with the new music venue near our home, but I was blown away by the power of Scott’s performance.

One man with his voice and guitar can be a tough gig, unless the performer is totally in command. Scott is. His narrative form of songwriting, booming voice and skill on his instrument pull the audience deep into Scott’s river of music.

Scott played many songs from his new album, A Crooked Road, plus he threw in a few classics as well. In fact, he closed strong with “Long Time Gone” and “River Take Me.” Gary Ogan, who opened the show, sat in on keys during the closing numbers, which was a nice touch and a reminder of how great Scott sounds when there’s a band supporting him.