Forty Miles From Denver

by | May 19, 2007

I’m always amazed at Yonder Mountain String Band’s ability to move asses with no drummer anywhere near the stage. Not many string quartets rock, but YMSB does.

This September 2nd the Colorado band is going to rock even harder with the addition of Jon Fishman to the lineup. Phish’s drummer will attack the kit at Red Rocks in a show the band is calling the “biggest of their lives.”

Yonder’s bassist Ben Kaufmann remembers that “Phish’s music inspired me to
pursue a life making music of my own. The chance to play music with Jon Fishman, at Red Rocks no less, is both a great honor and the fulfillment of a dream. He is without question my favorite drummer.”

“Headlining the world’s greatest music venue, which happens to be twenty miles from where we became a band and still live, with this lineup is monumental for us. We are thrilled,” says Jeff Austin.