Stuck behind the screenTransfixed in the smartphone postureFingers in formationEyes glued to the distant actionTo all the fascinating things happening elsewhereHappening anywhere but here Welcome to the Scrolling Society Bow your headNow, repeat after me…I love my phoneMy phone lets me be meMy phone doesn’t judgeMy phone belongs And I belong to my phone Games […]

Nature’s Way The deer and antelope are gone. On four legs, fast they fled. We don’t fish crappie from the man-made lake. We don’t grow corn, soybeans, or wheat. We stopped sending the kids to school. The teachers never returned from war. The stock market continues to soar. Who are you for? Bloated men stir […]

How are you? I am red white and blue Pioneer blood, Indian blood, the blood of slaves, the blood of immigrants… From the heart of the nation our vital fluids flow Into the dirt of Turtle Island, which wants water Delicate flowers, found fortunes So many petals like promises swept Ghosts of pale riders, disease […]

I wrote this poem after visiting a photo exhibit at Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin. Maria from Monterrey It’s not terribly far, as a bird flies, from Monterrey to Laredo Young Maria’s journey was wingless She moved at night, her thirst unsatisfied Coyotes and owls shared their star-lit canyons When she slept she had bad […]

Noise Makers (Two for One, Today Only) The Circus is no longer kid-friendly What’s all this clankity clank? Who dares to rattle the cage? Why are all the clowns on stage? We can’t see the lion eat his tamer Downward we spiral into the Dungeons of Deceit Unfree people in patriots purgatory Shall we cry […]