I recently pitched Travel & Leisure on a “three days in Oregon food and beverage experience,” and I can see how that article–and the trip it will require to write it–plays out. But more on that another day. Today, I want to detail a different route into the heart of south central Washington. Mt. Adams, […]

ALBANY, OR—Bryant Park Disc Golf Course is a difficult course to play well. The layout is long and confusing with no directional signs whatsoever, and the wooded holes are densely packed with trees and brush. Keeping your disc in play on this course is essential, or the pleasant round you imagined may rapidly descend into […]

Yamhill County in the Willamette Valley is the very heart of Oregon’s most famous wine region. Yamhill County, and the town of Newberg in particular, is also home to some great disc golf courses. In downtown Newberg, you can play the nine-hole course located in Herbert Hoover Park, or find Ewing Young’s 12-hole nature course […]

Since moving to Oregon in August 2008, I have had the extreme good fortune to spend my birthday celebrations with friends and family, mostly in pursuit of wine and food. This year, Darby and I motored to Seattle early on the 4th. After a morning business meeting and a light lunch on Capitol Hill, we […]

YACHT lights me up. Their grooves are infectious and the meaning in their work is at times profound. I know this is high praise for any artist, but it’s not everyday that a New New Wave band with deep philosophical underpinnings kicks ass like YACHT kicks ass. “The Earth, the Earth, the Earth is on […]

Design is so much more than the look of things. Design is also the way things work, or conversely, don’t work. Portland, Oregon prides itself on being a place that does work, and the city has design and designers of every sort, throughout its history, to thank for that. Last night, as part of Design […]

I love American history and American culture. I love ‘merican people (especially our artists, writers and musicians) and ‘merican places. Therefore, it pains me to encounter geo-cultural ignorance. And sadly, I encounter it all too often in places populated by lots of “book smart” people. I just love when a native Portlander scoffs upon learning […]

We took a marvelous land cruise to Northern California last month. The highlight of the trip wasn’t the Southern Oregon coast, the redwoods, Mendocino County, or Marin. Those were highlights, but the highlight was having dinner with friends in San Francisco on Friday the 13th. Our friend Andy made a reservation for five at Lot […]

The second season of IFC’s Portlandia airs this Friday. The show is much anticipated in Puddletown and beyond. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen — the show’s stars — have been out “doing press” for the show. Thanks to the deeply sarcastic nature of the program and its willingness to skewer hipsters over an open fire, […]

Portland Mayor Sam Adams is not running for re-election, but he is working hard to do the job Portlanders hired him to do. For one, Adams wants Portland to be “the scrappiest small global city in the United States.” That means exports, among other things. “Even without a coherent regional strategy or partnership, Greater Portland […]

Lawyer and Democratic state Sen. Suzanne Bonamici is competing against Republican business consultant Rob Cornilles for Oregon’s 1st Congressional district seat (vacated by sex scandal-ridden David Wu). This is what Bonamici and Cornilles look like on TV, which is where most 1st district citizens voting in the Jan. 31 special election will see them: The […]

New Seasons Market co-founder Eileen Brady is running for Mayor of Portland. She says, “Portland needs real people with real experience” in City Hall. Which means experience earned in business, not politics. According to The Oregonian, if elected Brady would give her cellphone number to city workers so they could call her directly with problems. […]

Eugene Register-Guard columnist Bob Welch paid a visit to Ken Kesey’s mom, Geneva Jolley, who turned 95 two weeks ago. In the interview, Mrs. Jolley reflects on her son’s first two novels… “When the books came out, they were not red-letter days for me,” Geneva says. “They should have been. But I didn’t appreciate all […]

Portland is home to a number of top flight coffee shops–Barista, Albina Press, Spella, Stumptown, Ristretto, Heart and Extracto all contribute mightily to the thriving coffee scene in Portland. But their largess does not extend to the suburbs, and as a resident of West Linn I’m somewhat put out by that. The best place in […]

“Portland is where young people go to retire.” That’s the rap laid down by Portlandia, a funny send up of life in Oregon’s biggest city. However, the issue of few jobs and low wages is not very funny for the Oregon citizens searching for their first job or in the midst of a non-elective “career […]

Bank Simple, seeks to reinvent personal banking with modern online and mobile experiences, no surprise fees, and great customer service. In order to do that, the company is consolidating its San Francisco and New York City offices and moving staff to Portland, where they intend to hire several more people. A proud Mayor Adams says, […]

We moved from NE Portland to West Linn at the end of May and ever since we have been busy learning the area. I like to call it the South Shore, although I may be alone in that. Anyway, one of the things that stands out is the fact that West Linn and Oregon City, […]

“Sour beers certainly broaden the flavor spectrum,” Ron Gansberg of Cascade Brewing says, “and they should interest adventurous wine drinkers and beer drinkers both, because the beers are a sort of middle ground.” And he is right. After facing the long lines at Portland’s first annual Fruit Beer Festival, we opted to head over to […]