Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst introduced the biggest coach he’s ever hired this morning. I like what Eichorst had to say. He said we’re going to win championships the right way, “with class, sportsmanship and integrity.” He added, “We will win with young men and women who want to earn their degrees and who will […]

Former Oregon State head coach, Mike Riley, 61, has been hired by Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst to lead the Huskers back to gridiron glory. Riley is a native of Wallace, Idaho, and the son of a football coach. He played QB at Corvallis High School in Oregon, before moving to defensive back under Paul […]

The experience of watching college football is altered considerably when using a double-screen setup to watch the game on one hand, and talk about it on the other. It used to be one would simply jump up from the couch and yell affirmations or hurl curses. Today, we express our emotions as fans on Twitter, […]

I love American history and American culture. I love ‘merican people (especially our artists, writers and musicians) and ‘merican places. Therefore, it pains me to encounter geo-cultural ignorance. And sadly, I encounter it all too often in places populated by lots of “book smart” people. I just love when a native Portlander scoffs upon learning […]

Warren Buffett, the greatest investor the modern world has ever known, just ponied up $142 million to add Richmond, Virgina-based Media General to his list of prized companies.

Media General operates 18 network-affiliated television stations and their associated websites, plus several dozen community newspapers across the Southeastern part of the U.S. Titles like Richmond Times-Dispatch and Winston-Salem Journal are well known, but most of the others like The Goochland Gazette and The Bland County Messenger have small circulations in the range of 5,000 – 25,000, according to paidContent.

Is the old man getting sentimental, or is this truly a wise investment? Both, I reckon.

“I’ve loved newspapers all of my life — and always will,” Buffett, who delivered newspapers as a boy, wrote in a letter introducing himself and his newly formed BH Media Group to the Media General team.

Berkshire Hathaway purchased The Omaha World Herald, its hometown newspaper last year, and has owned the Buffalo News since 1977. Buffett has also been on the board of The Washington Post and owned a large share of that national paper for years. One might say he’s making Omaha something of a genuine media town now. As a native of the hilly river city, I’m happy about that.

Of course, there are others with other more important media matters on their minds. Professor, consultant and writer Clay Shirky, for one. He argues that “ordinary citizens don’t pay for news. What we paid for, when we used to buy the paper, was a bundle of news and sports and coupons and job listings, printed together and delivered to our doorstep.” Shirky believes that news has always been a loss leader subsidized by advertisers. And now those advertisers are off to greener pastures. “Ad dollars lost to competing content creators can be fought for; ad dollars that no longer subsidize content at all are never coming back,” he contends.

GigaOm writer, Mathew Ingram, adds that “the subscription price of a newspaper and circulation revenues in general have historically only accounted for a small proportion of a media company’s overall revenue. In most cases, the bulk of that revenue comes from advertising.”

I’m a fan of both Shirky and Ingram, but I don’t agree that all the value is in the platform. The Oracle of Omaha believes there’s value in content and he wants his new newspaper managers to find ways to maximize that value for readers (who will be asked to pay for the content, regardless of the platform). “It’s your job to make your paper indispensable to anyone who cares about what is going on in your city or town,” Buffett outlines.
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I love when an environmental issue, or any issue, helps to melt the artificial construct of political lines between people and communities come together to face off against corporate agressors. Thankfully, that’s exactly what’s going on in Nebraska, Texas and other communities that would be directly impacted by the proposed Keystone Pipeline. According to Roll […]

Has the Huskers football brand lost some of its luster? It’s a fair question after a decade of disappointments, and one that Lincoln Journal Star sports writer Steve Sipple has some thoughts about. Sipple recounts a day in October 2006 in Stillwater, when there were a significant number of empty seats in Boone Pickens Stadium […]

Bo Pelini is an enigma. On one hand, you have to hand it to the guy for wearing his emotions on his sleeve. On the other hand you have to ask if that’s an intelligent thing for the head coach at Nebraska to do. After his team played a sloppy mess of a bowl game […]

The team did not play on Saturday in Indianapolis, but it has been a busy week in Nebraska football. Carl Pelini is now the head coach at Florida Atlantic University. His brother, Bo Pelini, is now searching for his replacement. Lavonte David is an All-American, the 96th first-team All-American in Huskers history. The Huskers are […]

Angry Dad of HuskerMax believes this season is a bust no matter what happens against Iowa. For Bo, no championship equals a failed season and that reality is already written. Angry Dad also has a slough of head-spinning stats to consider. For instance: In NUâ??s three losses the Huskers gave up 121 points and were […]

When I have questions about the Huskers, I look to Samuel McKewon of Omaha World Herald for answers. For instance, where was our offensive game plan last Saturday? In the past five years, Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison has helped run a national title unit â?? Florida in 2006 â?? and the Baltimore Ravens. He […]

PAIN. FULL. That’s what yesterday’s game was for an outmatched Nebraska squad and its fans. Brian Christopherson of Lincoln Journal Star, had this to say following the debacle in Ann Arbor: Messier than a baby’s bib, this one. Turn the ball over twice more than your opponent and have it half as long and see […]

I’m thrilled that we’re playing Michigan in Ann Arbor tomorrow. They’re not Penn State, which is a relief, but more importantly this is the kind of late season Big 10 game that the season rides on. 10-2 is within our grasp, but 8-4 is also a possibility, as is 9-3. Which means that tomorrow’s game […]

At first, I was surprised to learn that Bo Pelini thought yesterday’s game against Penn State should not have been played. But now that I’ve read David Haugh’s Chicago Tribune op-ed on the game, it makes more sense to me. To say this football game was revealing has nothing to do with either Penn State […]

Players play the game, but coaches also line up against one another on game day. Tomorrow at high noon (EST) Tom Bradley lines up against Bo Pelini and #19 Nebraska. It would be a heck of a debut under any circumstance, but given the spotlight and widespread condemnation in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky […]

By Tony George Nebraska -3.5 @ Penn State With the national spotlight on Happy Valley, PA right now, it is not so Happy at Penn State right now. A sex Scandal with ex Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky has rocked the campus and shaken the Joe Paterno legacy down to its very core. Hidden behind […]

Tom Osborne said on KLIN radio this morning that Husker fans might want to wear something other than Nebraska red in unHappy Valley this Saturday. He said he and Bo Pelini would understand, even though I do not. Apparently T.O. and Nebraska Regent Tim Clare of Lincoln are concerned about the safety of Nebraska fans […]

We all know by now that one heck of a storm has been brewing in State College — the site of this Saturday’s Nebraska game. But what waits for the Huskers in Happy Valley? Will Penn State’s players, fueled by a love for Joe Pa come out swinging? Or will they be on their heels, […]