Bo Pelini is an enigma. On one hand, you have to hand it to the guy for wearing his emotions on his sleeve. On the other hand you have to ask if that’s an intelligent thing for the head coach at Nebraska to do. After his team played a sloppy mess of a bowl game […]

The team did not play on Saturday in Indianapolis, but it has been a busy week in Nebraska football. Carl Pelini is now the head coach at Florida Atlantic University. His brother, Bo Pelini, is now searching for his replacement. Lavonte David is an All-American, the 96th first-team All-American in Huskers history. The Huskers are […]

Angry Dad of HuskerMax believes this season is a bust no matter what happens against Iowa. For Bo, no championship equals a failed season and that reality is already written. Angry Dad also has a slough of head-spinning stats to consider. For instance: In NUâ??s three losses the Huskers gave up 121 points and were […]

When I have questions about the Huskers, I look to Samuel McKewon of Omaha World Herald for answers. For instance, where was our offensive game plan last Saturday? In the past five years, Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison has helped run a national title unit â?? Florida in 2006 â?? and the Baltimore Ravens. He […]

PAIN. FULL. That’s what yesterday’s game was for an outmatched Nebraska squad and its fans. Brian Christopherson of Lincoln Journal Star, had this to say following the debacle in Ann Arbor: Messier than a baby’s bib, this one. Turn the ball over twice more than your opponent and have it half as long and see […]

I’m thrilled that we’re playing Michigan in Ann Arbor tomorrow. They’re not Penn State, which is a relief, but more importantly this is the kind of late season Big 10 game that the season rides on. 10-2 is within our grasp, but 8-4 is also a possibility, as is 9-3. Which means that tomorrow’s game […]

At first, I was surprised to learn that Bo Pelini thought yesterday’s game against Penn State should not have been played. But now that I’ve read David Haugh’s Chicago Tribune op-ed on the game, it makes more sense to me. To say this football game was revealing has nothing to do with either Penn State […]

Players play the game, but coaches also line up against one another on game day. Tomorrow at high noon (EST) Tom Bradley lines up against Bo Pelini and #19 Nebraska. It would be a heck of a debut under any circumstance, but given the spotlight and widespread condemnation in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky […]

By Tony George Nebraska -3.5 @ Penn State With the national spotlight on Happy Valley, PA right now, it is not so Happy at Penn State right now. A sex Scandal with ex Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky has rocked the campus and shaken the Joe Paterno legacy down to its very core. Hidden behind […]

Tom Osborne said on KLIN radio this morning that Husker fans might want to wear something other than Nebraska red in unHappy Valley this Saturday. He said he and Bo Pelini would understand, even though I do not. Apparently T.O. and Nebraska Regent Tim Clare of Lincoln are concerned about the safety of Nebraska fans […]

We all know by now that one heck of a storm has been brewing in State College — the site of this Saturday’s Nebraska game. But what waits for the Huskers in Happy Valley? Will Penn State’s players, fueled by a love for Joe Pa come out swinging? Or will they be on their heels, […]

Sam McKewon of the Omaha World Herald argues, and rightly so, that the Nebraska’s next three games are the toughest test of the Bo Pelini era. There’s no question. At Penn State, at Michigan and at home against our new rival, Iowa. It could be a glorious run or a devastating finish to another disappointing […]

Northwestern came to Lincoln to win. Their determination and their ability was front and center from the first snap, and it never waned. Much to our chagrin… Tom Shatel sums it up: Call it the annual gag. Or the yearly hiccup. But until Nebraska learns to avoid this sort of glitch, there won’t be any […]

After a tremendous effort from the defense last Saturday, Bo Pelini handed out 19 Blackshirts to his core defensive unit this week. It was a way to say “Job well done” while reminding the players of the four regular season “tasks” left undone. Since 1964, when the Blackshirt tradition was first introduced, few programs in […], perhaps the most popular Husker-related site on the web, is currently offline. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the site was shut down Tuesday, on an order this week by a California judge. It was a victory for the website’s founders, David Max, a California businessman who grew up in Page, Neb., and Joe […]

We invited a friend who is a Michigan State graduate into our home yesterday for the game. I tried to keep the gloating to a minimum and to appear to be shocked by Sparty’s inability to move the ball. (Of course, I had no reason to feel overly confident as this was the first time […]

Brian Christopherson of Lincoln Journal Star says tomorrow’s game against Sparty is “man’s work.” I couldn’t agree more. We’re gonna have to man up and keep Jerel Worthy and company out of our backfield. Michigan State’s defensive line is a menacing bunch…the Spartans are ranked eighth in the country in run defense, giving up 89 […]

Nebraska won big today in a road game against a seriously out-manned opponent. I’m happy that there was never a question about who was in control of this one–it reminded me of how things used to be when we rolled in to Lawrence, Ames and other college towns. Over before it ever started. There were […]