BBC: A meditating teenage boy in south-central Nepal is drawing the attention of scientists after attracting huge crowds in the past six months and earning himself the name Buddha-reincarnate. Ram Bahadur Bamjan’s friends, relatives and managers say he has been meditating without drinking water for six months now and that he will carry on for […]

New York Metro: Villard is paying an $80,000 advance to the creator of a religion designed to make fun of intelligent design. This summer, Bobby Henderson, 25, an unemployed slot-machine engineer, posted a much-forwarded open letter to the Kansas State Board of Education declaring that “there are multiple theories of Intelligent Design” on his Website. […]

USA Today: Entrepreneurship turned eBay founder Pierre Omidyar into one of the world’s richest men. Now, he’s betting it can ease one of the world’s most daunting problems: poverty. Omidyar, who started eBay 10 years ago, will announce Friday that he is donating $100 million for a new Tufts University program to generate millions of […]

We saw a bumper sticker on a minivan this morning while doing errands on Hilton Head Island. It said, “Slow Down: This Isn’t The Mainland.” Robert H. Frank writing in Deadalus: Studies have shown that the demands of commuting through heavy traffic often result in emotional and behavioral deficits upon arrival at home or work. […]

According to reports on CNN and on American Discovery Trail’s own site, Ken and Marcia Powers from Pleasanton, California, became the first hikers to complete a continuous backpack of the country’s first Atlantic-to-Pacific trail. Ken and Marcia started their 4,900-mile trek from the Atlantic coast in Delaware’s Cape Henlopen State Park on February 27, and […]

According to Global Rich List, my annual income places me among the top 0.839% richest people in the world (there’s only 50 million people between me and Bill Gates). There are 5,949,632,435 people in the world poorer (in financial terms) than me. Global Rich List is the work of Poke in London. Here’s what inspired […]

eHow: Experiment with the freedom of buying nothing and embrace Henry David Thoreau’s sentiment that “he who owns little is little owned.” Practice reverse snobbery. Express contempt for people who mindlessly buy things. This has two benefits: It raises the act of not buying things to a lofty moral height, from which you can denigrate […]

From the comments to a post on Dave Pollard’s blog, “How to Save the World”: Leonardo da Vinci was not a genius because of his imagination. His genius lay in his ability to OBSERVE nature and THEN create. It was this humility that was the doorway into his inventions. He did not invent anything that […]

After seeing mile upon mile of cotton fields bursting with the puffy white subtsance last week on our trip to Greenville, I now find the following map all the more interesting.

I didn’t realize “The Patriot,” the Hollywood film starring Mel Gibson, is actually the story of Francis Marion, one of South Carolina’s Revolutionary War heroes. Marion was known as the “Swamp Fox” for his ability to use decoy and ambush tactics to disrupt enemy communications, capture supplies, and free prisoners. Born sometime in 1732 in […]

Step right up and get a good look at the Baptist Belt. Come on. It won’t bite. More studies in American cultural geography are also available, care of Valparaiso University.

My friend, Lori Cotton, forwarded an e-mail today from New Orleans attorney, Mark Morice. Dear Friends, I want to thank all of you for your heartfelf responses of love, encouragement and offerings of shelter. I also want to thank all of you have offered employment. I am with my mother and brother at his house […]

Associated Press: Getting a 34-year Harvard man to abandon one of the nation’s most prestigious business schools for an Idaho church college seems like a task that would demand divine revelation. For Kim Clark, who left his post as Harvard Business School dean last week, it came down to the next best thing. A member […]

“California is a garden of eden. It’s a paradise to live in or see; But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot, If you ain’t got that do re mi.” -Woody Guthrie Despite Narayan Nayar’s best efforts, he now regularly uses the word “dude” in conversation and even in writing. Academics tend […]

“You should enter a baseball field the way you enter a church.” -Bill Lee I was lucky to grow up in a time of oddball pitchers. Mark Fidrych a.k.a. “The Bird,” Bill Lee and Dock Ellis were three of the central summertime characters of my youth. Dock, who threw a no hitter on LSD in […]

Flickr users, eatsdirt and nycarthur, have generously posted interesting photo sets from last weekend’s Coney Island Mermaid Parade. According to, “The Mermaid Parade is the nation’s largest art parade and one of New York City’s greatest summer events. The Mermaid Parade celebrates the sand, the sea, the salt air and the beginning of summer, […]

Robert Patterson of Prince Edward Island, Canada has been busy readying a collabortive work space set to open Monday in Charlottetown. The Queen Street Commons is an organized group to create and serve the common good of its members. We come together to create the organizational power to obtain services in common that we could […]