The person who runs the Communication Arts Twitter account likes to promote my writing. I am grateful. CA is the creative industry’s standard bearer, and each Tweet sent from @CommArts is seen by a segment of the magazine’s 81,300 followers. .@davidburn says the pursuit of brand truth is the real work of advertising professionals. […]

Black Mirror, the Netflix series now in its fourth season, makes an indelible impression on the soft parts of the brain. Season 3, episode 1, in particular, is perfect TV programming for the Digital Age. Vox calls the “Nosedive” episode a social media nightmare dressed like a pastel daydream. The episode imagines a world where […]

When I was 18 years old, I walked into the offices of The College Reporter in Lancaster, PA and soon thereafter my work as a reporter commenced. My time as a college journalist was difficult but educational. The administration threatened to sue me and frat boys banned me from their parties and wanted to kick […]

The commercial Internet has been “a thing” for just over two decades. It’s new technology with no official, or agreed upon, manual. Many people don’t know how to use this network of nodes; nor how it can be used to distract and mislead. Media literacy is sorely needed in this country today, along with a […]

Creative Mornings provides a monthly talk on a chosen topic (for free) in cities around the globe. Unlike Ted, it’s not exclusive. You can sign up or walk up and enjoy a donut, coffee, and interesting ideas about architecture, design, culture, and so on. Creative Mornings is also an excellent marketer. The organization is featuring […]

“Information without context strikes the mind but peters out before the heart.” -Sarah Smarsh Creative nonfiction is a form I find myself increasingly drawn to. In the hands of a great essayist, we see a real writer struggle with real life. Sarah Smarsh, for instance. She is a Kansas-born journalist, public speaker and educator, and […]

One of the things I enjoy most about digital culture is the ability to listen to community radio stations around the country. It is something I do each day, and each day I find it as enriching as the last. We become the media we consume. For your own sake and the sake of the […]

I met Faris Yakob of Genius Steals at a conference hosted by Henry Jenkins at MIT a number of years ago. I recall being pleased that he was familiar with AdPulp. And it was fun to rap with someone I’d only known from afar at the time. This morning, I learned that Faris wrote an […]

Pageview journalism is a method of presenting information online in a slideshow or other framework that garners as many clicks from a reader as possible. This is what it looks like: Writing for The Guardian, Charlie Brooker lambastes the painful conformity of web-based media today, largely in response to the shortcomings of pageview journalism and […]

I like to read about media enterprises that are thriving. It provides hope for the industry, and hope for me personally as a writer, editor and self-publisher. According to The New York Times, Etienne Uzac, 30, and Johnathan Davis, 31, founders of IBT Media, are bringing Newsweek back to print. Each issue will cost $7.99. […]

Nearly two months ago, I made the decision to stop adding new content to I wanted to starve the blog and my blogging habit in the process. In theory it ought to be easy to do, the starving of a blog. Just close the window on it. Shut down the machine. Look away. I […]

Last year I began to actively seek out new places to publish my writing. As someone who has invested heavily in the development of my own sites, I felt it was important to break out of any traps of my own making. To this end, here are three new pieces of writing (not published on […]

I learned about the existence of SCOTUSblog this morning. The site is read widely by those with an interest in Supreme Court cases, and this year won a prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in electronic media. While the industry pub I co-founded lacks the Peabody, I can see a clear parallel between SCOTUSblog and AdPulp. […]

Digital disrupts all in its wake. Even our language is not safe. Consider the word “content.” It’s a word I have adopted to clarify my professional specialty. In April 2006, I was promoted from senior copywriter to content director at BFG Communications in Hilton Head. I was head of my own department, the content department, […]

The experience of watching college football is altered considerably when using a double-screen setup to watch the game on one hand, and talk about it on the other. It used to be one would simply jump up from the couch and yell affirmations or hurl curses. Today, we express our emotions as fans on Twitter, […]

Jon Steinberg of BuzzFeed was on Jim Cramer’s CNBC talk show, “Mad Money” today. The segment provides an instructive look at modern media, and the audience for bite-sized pieces of news and entertainment. I do not always like the BuzzFeed product, but I like the bold way Steinberg talks about his media company. “For us, […]

Photo by Ariel Waldman James Temple, writer of “Dot-Commentary” in the pages of The San Francisco Chronicle, is concerned about the negative image tech workers have in the city. A growing number of San Franciscans are fed up, not just with startups, but with techies in general. With their apps and buses, their gourmet coffee […]

It’s been one week and a day since the terribly disappointing season ending episode of “Downton Abbey.” I do like a well made dramatic series, so Downton’s seasonal close leaves a void. One we are attempting to fill by watching “House of Cards,” the newly released series from Netflix. Already, Darby and I have consumed […]