Dead & Company with John Mayer on guitar and Oteil Burbridge on bass is on tour this summer and turning in one inspired performance after the next. Scott W. Allen, author of Aces Back to Back: The History of the Grateful Dead—like many others who have attended a Dead & Company show—can’t quite hold back […]

“Control for smilers can’t be bought The solar garlic starts to rot Was it for this my life I sought? Maybe so and maybe not.” -Anastasio/Marshall Trey Anastasio impressed a lot of Jerry Garcia fans this summer with his well conceived and expertly delivered work as lead guitar player in “Fare Thee Well,” a tribute […]

The remaining members of Grateful Dead are playing five “Fare Thee Well” shows this summer. According to a statement from the band, it will be the last time the four remaining members play on stage together. Naturally, such an announcement created a sense of scarcity and scarcity lends itself to various forms of exploitation, particularly […]

Jerry Garcia was born 72 years ago this week. Garcia brought millions of people together—people who are now married, or best friends or co-workers, and he introduced even more people to a life of beauty and music. In order to “Keep on Shinin’,” (as Jerry would have us do) let’s take a few moments to […]

Working on a team with other like-minded people, all striving to reach a common goal is the path to progress. But it’s not an easy route. Jerry Garcia Life Lesson #9: Collaborate Jerry is known for his singular sound on guitar. One lick and you knew it was him. But for all his chops as […]

To make it big in the music business you need to know the right people, get several lucky breaks, listen to your producer and your label and generally speaking you need to be willing to be shaped by others. This was true when Jerry Garcia and members of Grateful Dead were growing up in the […]

Note: I am grateful for this entry from Kirk Leach, a friend from Franklin & Marshall College. The band had a profound influence on many F&M students in the ’80s, and it’s a pleasure to recall what we were thinking and doing back then. I came to the Dead relatively late in life, at about […]

Note: This entry is courtesy of John Shaski, a friend from Franklin & Marshall College. ‘Ski and I were super fortunate in that we got to see the band tour Europe together in October 1990. Today, Ski and his family live in The ABQ, where he works in food waste recycling. “He really had no […]

Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success. Jerry Garcia Life Lesson #5: Persevere Grateful Dead formed in 1965. The band’s first hit, “Touch of Grey,” a song interestingly enough about perseverance, reached the airwaves in 1987, 22 years after the band formed. […]

It is fashionable today to “fail harder” and to “fail faster.” These concepts from the worlds of communications and technology are meant to take the sting out of failure — the purpose being to encourage the kind of risk taking that accelerates growth and positive change. Jerry Garcia Life Lesson #4: Take Risks Playing it […]

You have to learn the rules before you can begin to artfully deconstruct them. Of course, all serious artists and thinkers do learn the rules first, it’s the artful deconstruction that eludes so many. Jerry Garcia Life Lesson #3: Defy Convention Jerry Garcia grew up in the 1950s–a time of mass conformity in America, San […]

To make or provide from available materials. Jerry Garcia Life Lesson #2: Improvise Jerry’s brother, Tiff, accidentally removed his little brother’s middle finger with an axe when Jerry was young. Thus, Jerry literally did not have the finger-picking ability of other able-handed guitarists. So, he made do with what he had to work with. He […]

Jerry Garcia was born on this day in 1942. In the years since his death on August 9, 1995, Garcia fans have taken to celebrating “Nine Days of Jerry,’ which covers the span from August 1st (his birthday) to August 9th. This year, with encouragement from Darby, I am going to share key insights, a.k.a. […]