Donald Trump’s favorite film is Citizen Kane by Orson Welles. Don has good taste in films. Or so it seems. Citizen Kane is about an all-powerful man (modeled in part on William Randolph Hearst) who owns a chain of newspapers. He lives in a gigantic tower safely removed from the masses that he purports to […]

It’s been one week and a day since the terribly disappointing season ending episode of “Downton Abbey.” I do like a well made dramatic series, so Downton’s seasonal close leaves a void. One we are attempting to fill by watching “House of Cards,” the newly released series from Netflix. Already, Darby and I have consumed […]

Thanks to advances in point-and-shoot technology, everyone’s a photographer today, or so we imagine. Of course, taking pictures for fun is a different practice altogether than making images of artistic quality with a camera. For more information on the latter, please see the following documentary from 1958 about Ansel Adams’ technical approach to photography. “Perhaps […]

On Friday, Darby and I took a trip to Eugene to celebrate Ken Kesey Day. We looked at old photos and other artifacts including Kesey’s prison journal (he served six months for a marijuana bust). We attended a reading where University of Oregon scholars read passages from unpublished works by Kesey and finally we attended […]

Portland is home to several live storytelling events. There’s Mortified, BackFence PDX, Ignite Portland and Live Wire! Radio, to name a few. Last night, we attended the taping of Live Wire! episodes 144 and 145 at Alberta Rose Theatre, near our home in Northeast Portland. The guests included Oregon Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director Bill Rauch, […]

Novelist and NYU creative writing professor, Zadie Smith, went to see The Social Network and came away with some thoughts on the film and Facebook that she shares in a New York Review of Books piece called Generation Why? Smith is a fan of the film but she doesn’t “Like” Facebook. When a human being […]

A group of filmmakers from Corvallis are in production on a documentary about Willamette Valley and Pacific Northwest winemakers. Vino Veritas: An American Wine Movie is slated for release in 2012. But before that can happen, the team needs funding and they’re using Kickstarter and local events to reach out to fans of the project. […]

Darby and I have been intently viewing seasons one through four of HBO’s The Wire (care of Netflix), which leaves just season five to go. I’m afraid we’re already dreading the end of the series. We don’t want it to end, the way you don’t want a great novel to end. But end it must. […]

Laura Oppenheimer of The Oregonian put together a feature article on the efforts being made by Portland’s various creative communities to unite and successfully promote themselves. salon owner, Kahala Orian, sporting a knitty Here, Oppenheimer shows the two ends of the local spectrum: If you picture the creative economy as a continuum from corporate giants […]

I.O.U.S.A. is a new documentary film premiering this month. The Los Angeles Times calls the film “an 87-minute alarm on the tsunami of debt bearing down on the United States’ future, caused by the rising national debt, the trade imbalance and the pending costs of baby boomers cashing in on entitlements.” David M. Walker, former […]

There’s an interesting scene in episode seven of HBO’s John Adams, where 90 year-old Adams is shown the above painting by the artist, John Trumbull. Adams is displeased. He says the history of the American Revolution is lost. He chastises Trumbull for making a graphic fiction of the events in Philadelphia. Adams reminds him that […]

“People and nations are forged in the fire of adversity.” -John Adams We don’t subscribe to HBO. That might need to change. This weekend we caught part two of HBO Films’ seven-part miniseries, John Adams. The work is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by David McCullough. Chris Hicks of Deseret News calls the miniseries […]