I love maps. I’ve been fascinated with them since childhood, well before I could actually drive. To me, these charted stories suggest places I might go. Thus, maps are full of intrigue for me and they often serve to fuel my imagination. So, imagine my delight at finding this Library of Congress online resouce, a […]

Chicago has a green mayor and this fact encourages investment in alternative energy. Several schools in Chicago have been outfitted for solar, and the new Millennium Park is also producing solar energy. Two local vendors to help get you up and running at home or work are Spire Solar and Nekolux. “Sustainability equals peace.” -Dennis […]

On Sunday, our U.S. Representative Rahm Emanuel introduced a cajun act at the seventh annual Folk & Roots Festival in Welles Park. He later strolled by the blanket with his young daughter in tow. A few weeks back, as we we’re walking home from the square, a lanky man came jogging toward us. As he […]

Chicago Folk & Roots Festival, sponsored by Old Town School of Folk Music—one of Lincoln Square’s anchoring institutions—made for a wonderful weekend. Under sunny skies, north centralites gathered to eat, drink and hear live music from bands representing a variety of global genres. These neighborhood festivals happen almost every weekend in Chicago during the summer. […]

When looking to get your Italian Beef on, head out Milwaukee to just past Foster and find Paterno’s on the right. It’s a working class sports bar with pizza, Philly cheese steaks, and incredible Italian beef sandwiches, a traditional Chicago favorite. Thanks to Amy for her native guidance in all things beefee.

Jeff Tweedy, alt-county superstar and leader of the Chicago-based band Wilco graced the cover of the Chicago Reader this week and news of his rehab for addiction to pain killers has been recently in the news. He’s also been top of mind this week due to our viewing of the band’s documentary, I Am Trying […]

Chicago native, author and organizer, William Upski Wimsatt, is one of the more high profile d.i.y. advocates working today. His books, Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons are underground sensations.

While riding the CTA Brown Line to work the other day I saw a Sun Times “We Are Brighter” print ad defaced by a culture-busting media activist. The activist placed a printed message constructed of black type on white computer paper over the paid piece. It said, “More Art. Less Ads.” How can one blame […]

When ordering a Chicago-style dog, there are certain rules that come with the territory and define the transaction. Ketchup is exclusively for fries is one such rule. Another rule is the dog will be served on a poppy seed bun from Gonnella. Sadly, it seems few vendors follow this poppy seed rule. I’m sure there […]

Culture busting on Sunnyside

Our Saturday consisted of a forty year retrospective of Lee Bontecou’s imaginative, inspired work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, wine flights at Bin 36 in Marina City, and exquisite food and drink care of Mexican master, author and star of his own show, Rick Bayless and the wonderful Frontera Grill staff. We’ve been meaning […]

A good segment of the Chicago ad industry exists in a handful of interconnected buildings on North Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive. In the main cluster–111 East Wacker, 233 N. Michigan, and 225 N. Michigan–you can take an elevator up to Frankel, Ogilvy, Y+R, Burrell, Slack Barshinger, or Cramer Krasselt. Nearby on Randolph, Element 79 […]

Chicago Bloggers is a marvelous Web site. The site charts bloggers based on each blogger’s specific location in the public transportation grid of greater Chicagoland. Bloggers list their blog not by content type, but by CTA stop or Metra stop. Thus, one can hear what the neighbors are blogging on about. Or one might make […]

I’m fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright. He was a radical artist who dared to be great at all times. But like any genius, he was also but a man, sometimes susceptible to the lower impulses. After attaining much success in his architecture practice, marrying well, and raising six children, Wright grew restless. He looked to […]

The Cubs somehow managed to drop the National League Championship Series to Florida’s fish. Not good. Even worse is this absurd campaign to humiliate the fan who mistakenly prevented Moises Alou from catching a foul ball. The Cubs gave up eight runs in one awful inning and it’s the fan’s fault? I don’t think so. […]

Few displays of American consumerism can compete with Chicago’s Miracle Mile. Pretty much every high-end retailer one can think of has a slot on this fabulous stretch of N. Michigan Avenue. Given that I’m not currently in the market for more material accumulation, it was oh so pleasant to drop out of the hustle-bustle in […]

Spider’s have held a somewhat holy place in my world since childhood and Charlotte’s Web. Spiders get ushered out of the house, not crushed in a Kleenex, for instance. Anyway, it occurs to me how knowledge itself is spider-like. One discovery leads to the next in an infinite progression. Last Saturday night we dodged out […]

Time is mostly a human construct, thus time can be made to bend to the will of the people. Daylight savings is one example of time’s transient nature. Another ironic twist to the time tale is our tendency to think of the city as being fast-paced, when what the city truly requires is a slowing […]