“Instrumental in traveling is the participation in it, the belief in progress, the witnessing of passage.” – Dave Eggers Dave Eggers’ first novel, You Shall Know Our Velocity, is a travel journal with a lot of internal gyrations, a.k.a. dialogue from the narrator, whose mind “hovers and churns.” I just finished reading the 400-page book […]

The New York Times Sunday Magazine today features Chicagoan Bill Ayers, college professor, author and former member of Weatherman Underground. He provides some great answers. How do you define yourself politically? I think I am a radical. I have never deviated from that. By radical, I mean someone trying to go to the root of […]

We just completed a nine day journey cross country by car from coastal South Carolina to Portland, Oregon. On day one, we stopped for lunch in Asheville, NC to say “hi” to Gary and Katie. We then pushed on to Lexington, KY for the night. From the hotel we walked first to Mexican food and […]

The Chicago Tribune looks at James Allen Smith’s documentary film, Floored, about open-outcry traders at the Mercantile Exchange. Here’s how the paper describes their lot: Open-outcry traders always stood apart from the rest of the financial crowd, or maybe their rough-and-tumble grab for megabucks just made it seem that way. With their colorful jackets and […]

Chicago-based In These Times offers a look at a political struggle taking place in Chicago’s city government. Chicago’s labor unions decided to send Mayor Richard M. Daley a message: The “city that works” doesn’t work for working families. In the February and April elections, the labor movement broke with the city’s fabled but feeble Democratic […]

I returned to Chicago this week for the first time since I moved from the city 16 months ago. It was a good trip. I stayed at Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco on Wacker and Wabash. I enjoyed some salmon downstairs at South Water Kitchen before venturing out to The Map Room, “A Traveller’s Tavern” on the […]

Image courtesy of Luke Adams I love this romanticized image of our old neighborhood. It makes the place seem so quaint, and it is quaint for a few blocks in each direction. But this neighborhood is also surrounded by concrete and traffic and noise in every direction for miles upon miles. I guess that’s the […]

It got a kick out of seeing The Trib’s Lifestyle feature on squash. Notice the paper did not place it in the Sports section. That area’s reserved for men of the gridiron, and such. “Squash, the racquet sport, not the rustic vegetable, has built an impressive resume since graduating in the mid-1800s from Harrow boarding […]

Participants in last Saturday’s Blog Walk 6.0 have been posting their summaries of the event. Here are some of my favorite comments: “More than anything else, what blogs and social software do is make it drop dead simple to make the conduct of knowledge work visible.” –Jim McGee “If I like what you write, it […]

On a snowy, windy (but nice) day in Chicago, 16 bloggers from all parts of the country and Europe gathered for the first Blog Walk held in the United States. The first five were conducted in Europe. Today’s took place in Room 22 at the Seabury Theological Seminary in Evanston. The bloggers present represented a […]

North Branch, Chicago River at Lawrence Avenue bridge My friend Chris May, a.k.a. Evil Vince, has turned his web site into a photoblog. It’s good to see. I’ve been helping friends set up their sites for a number of years now, but I just started implementing blogs for others. It seems the distinction between blogs […]

Our friendly neighborhood bookstore on N. Lincoln Avenue See more of Lincoln Square care of my new Flickr account.

I love maps. I love blogs. Hence, I’m naturally drawn to maps that pinpoint where the bloggers are. Click on the map to visit ChicagoBlogMap dot com. From there you can search for Chicago bloggers by their CTA train stop.

It’s always fun to see what visitors to a city will see in their lens. Here we have the rush of a CTA train at Rockwell Crossing, in north central Chicago as witnessed by David Keller, during his recent visit from Salt Lake City.

I believe in word-of-mouth advertising. I also believe in neighborhood joints that prove themselves worthy of such beliefs. Bistro Campagne, a French country restaurant in Lincoln Square (the original is in Evanston), gives a neighbor ample reason to believe. This place has perfect service, and I find that hard to come by anymore. Plus, the […]

“In retrospect, the real beginning of Lands’ End probably lies interred with the bones of some distant ancestor of mine, who passed along those genes compelling me toward total independence. The idea for the company though, appeared the winter of my discontent, bumming in the Swiss Alps around Davos. I read The Magic Mountain and […]

The Chicago Tribune reported today that local gay rights activists protested last night’s concert at Chicago’s House of Blues by Jamaican dancehall star, Capleton. This is the latest in an ongoing struggle by gay activists to bring international attention to the hate-filled lyrics of several Reggae artists, including Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Sizzla […]

In what may only be described as a culinary setback for the city, Hot Doug’s is temporarily out of business, due to a fire in the apartment above them. Doug is presently looking for a new location. The good citizens of Lincoln Square ought to lure him away from Roscoe Village. That would be another […]