Thanks to an article in Dwell, I’m freaking out right now. In a good way. I’m freaking because I just learned about El Cosmico, the new community art project from Bunkhouse Management. Bunkhouse is the team behind the coolest hotel in the world, Austin’s Hotel San Jose. Their vision of El Cosmico is equally enthralling. […]

River Cities Inc. of St. Paul, MN is developing a twist on condo living. As odd as it may sound, they’re bringing adventure travel into the mix by constructing a floating community that will navigate America’s inland waterways. Their so-called “River City” will be on the move all year, cruising the northern rivers in the […]

American designer, architect and filmmaker Charles Eames–who together with his wife Ray, was responsible for many classic, iconic designs of the 20th century–appeared on the Arlene Francis “Home” show on NBC in 1956. It’s neat to see Eames on TV, but this episode is also an odd reminder of how square things were in 1950s […]

Metropolis Magazine published a feature last September on the rapid acceleration of New Urbanism in Omaha. The magazine claims much of the groundwork for Omaha’s urban-design plan was put in place by the Omaha Community Foundation, which started working on a vision for the city in 1999. In 2002 the foundation asked Connie Spellman from […]

New York Time Building by Khoi Vinh Khoi Vinh is the Design Director for He started working in the paper’s new building this week. This is how he describes it: The new Times building at 40th Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan’s midtown was designed by Renzo Piano, and whether it fits your taste […]

Yesterday afternoon, Darby picked up a handful of $.20 cents books from Habitat for Humanity’s discount store in downtown Bluffton. I’ve already ripped through the one that jumped out at me from the pile on the coffee table. Tom Wolfe’s 1981 architecture essay in book form, From Bahaus to Our House, explains modernism in a […]

How does the word “democrat” make you feel? Given the Democratic Party’s total ineptitude at present, and the current state of American “democracy” chances are you’re not feeling too good about it. I know I’m not. In December of 1949, 80-year old Frank Lloyd Wright, descended upon Radio City Music Hall and The Mary Margaret […]

Cusato Cottages, LLC wants to house victims of Katrina in cute but functional little cottages. And the idea has traction on Capitol Hill. According to the Jackson Clarion Ledger: Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., won approval of an amendment doubling to $1.2 billion the $600 million Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran set aside for a […]

Abercorn Commons is the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified shopping mall to open in the U.S., and it’s located nearby in Savannah. According to Savannah Morning News, Melaver Inc.–the site’s developer–is incorporating water, energy and materials conservation techniques to meet these standards. The elements include a cistern that harvests rainwater for […]

I learned today that a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece is located right under our noses here in Beaufort County. The “Stevens House” is owned today by Joel Silver, Hollywood’s top grossing producer, with films like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and The Matrix under his belt. According to The Beaufort County Open Land Trust, Mr. Silver […]

Radical architect, Adam Kalkin, lives in a unique shelter in New Jersey called “Bunny Lane”. It’s a small house fitted inside an industrial shed. Kalkin is also noted for building the Quick House from recycled shipping containers. In the Vassar College alumni magazine, Kalkin, who studied English as an undergrad, says: The cargo containers, with […]

Caterina has a definite knack for finding great things to post about, especially for those who find living in a container an attractive proposition. Container Homes Reference desk:

The Guardian is running a story on Aussie architect, Sean Godsell. Godsell created a stir down under when he submitted his Park Bench House—a temporary answer to the problem of homelessness—to the Institute of Architects awards under the best new house category. He then turned his attention to helping those caught in natural or political […]

Fine architecture is usually reserved for wealthy patrons or grand civic spaces. But in 1993, Auburn University Professor Samuel Mockbee set out to change that. He founded The Rural Studio, which guides students in the design and construction of homes and community spaces in economically depressed Hale County, Alabama. Here is some of the Mockbee’s […]

Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing points to this article on German resistance to prefabricated construction, despite the obvious benefits. A prefabricated house can be compared to buying clothes off the rack instead of having them made to order. The various elements of a house — nearly always made of wood — are cut to specifications […]

I’m generally underwhelmed by new construction. I could list a litany of reasons why, but a decided lack of quality craftsmanship, and thus character, are the leading causes. However, as a new resident of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, my eyes are starting to open to the charms of new construction (done right). While Bluffton is a […]

“A big part of what sold us on strawbale building was the feel of the rooms in the SB houses we visited. Rounded corners, both outside and in, irregular surfaces, mottled colors. And of course the play of light around thick-walled windows. I’m sure we’d have been just as impressed by earthships or adobes, as […]

“What is architecture anyway? Is it the vast collection of the various buildings which have been built to please the varying taste of the various lords of mankind? I think not. No, I know that architecture is life; or at least it is life itself taking form and therefore it is the truest record of […]