January 27, 2020

Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way

The deer and antelope are gone.
On four legs, fast they fled.
We don’t fish crappie from the man-made lake.
We don’t grow corn, soybeans, or wheat.
We stopped sending the kids to school.
The teachers never returned from war.
The stock market continues to soar.
Who are you for?

Bloated men stir the hatred cauldrons.
Careful, their suit buttons spontaneously burst.
Can you smell the foul nature, the rich rot?
No book burning, that is the culture’s compost pile.
A new mound where the great works mingle into mush.
The Bill of Rights never made it this far.
Where there was freedom, now there’s a scar.
You bring the feathers, I’ll bring the tar.

The Greeks and the whales recorded their discoveries.
Now, their libraries are ash.
The Roman builder, the Chinese sage, the Mesopotamian trader…
The Dark Ages, The Enlightenment, the ever-expanding now…
Stories fold into chapters, native tongues are cut.
Human ants crawl together, carriers of vanity and waste.
Make haste, make haste.
A self alone, the new distaste.

A witch wind blows.
We carry our screens to the edge.
We make the night sky bright white with light.
The Imperial King appears from his space house.
Tonight he sings the people’s favorite lullaby.
No matter the song, the people sing along.
When the power goes down, wolves and bears come back.
A return to wildness, the final hack.

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