Let’s travel back in time to the aughts.

Imagine what would be today had the mainstream media simply never carried Don’s birther conspiracy.

Don’s political traction is all media-driven. He has no grassroots base and no friends. All he has is an audience.

Despite what he says, Don loves the media. He is 100% a media creation. Media made him a star. Media hangs on his’ every word, especially now that he’s ascended to POTUS. His daily berating of media workers is merely his way of leading the narrative. In other words, it’s nothing more than a power pose. One that works like magic for Don.

I will credit Don with one thing. He stripped the varnish off the empire. Previous presidents from both parties knew enough to provide the empire some cover. Now we know who and what we are. We also know where we stand. We, the People, are but subjects or serfs. That’s how Don and his sycophants see the world.

So, where can we go from here?

We’re not going to have a revolution of consciousness, and we will not restore American democracy without understanding how modern corporate-owned media controls us. He who writes, acts in, directs, and produces the daily story shapes what we perceive as reality.

Here is a manufactured reality that’s being peddled hard right now: Electoral politics (and by extension, the Democrats) will save us. I don’t believe this. Electoral politics is a game that the ruling class plays and the media sells. It’s also a rigged game where innocent people die.

American news media claims independence and objectivity while serving as the official voice for the administration, and the empire. The characters in and around the White House come and go. The empire and the media needed to explain it via a series of lies, half-truths, and obfuscations, stays in place.

If the media told the truth today, the reports would have nothing to do with more dirt on Don. All the dirt in the world has been piled up into a filthy corruption mountain. Sadly, the story has been lost in the mud of details.

Imagine what would happen if CNN and other outlets reported that the Russian mob is in control of the American executive branch and powerful members of Congress? That’s the only political story that matters right now, but it goes mostly unreported.

To report that the empire is breaking apart under Don’s watch might cause a panic, but for certain it would lead to denied access for the offending parties, and the media thrives on access. But what good is access to POTUS when POTUS is no longer a trusted source of information?

Don and I do agree on one thing. The American empire is too big and too expensive to maintain. I want to break it up, but not in such a way that benefits the other imperial powers—namely China and Russia. Imperialism is the disease and it must be cured or humanity will continue to suffer obscene degradations.

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