Bo Pelini is an enigma. On one hand, you have to hand it to the guy for wearing his emotions on his sleeve. On the other hand you have to ask if that’s an intelligent thing for the head coach at Nebraska to do.

After his team played a sloppy mess of a bowl game today, Pelini — who clearly loathes the press and the fact that his job demands he speak to them — said Nebraska was the better team. That’s just one in a long line of miscalculations he’s made as coach, and in this case, he comes across as petty, bitter and out of touch with reality.

The Gamecocks were clearly the better team today, and all season. Yet, somehow that’s not clear to Pelini. Is the guy delusional? Watch and listen to this train wreck of a post-game presser and judge for yourself:

I’ve written before about how important it is for the university to get Pelini some media training, and perhaps some anger management help, as well. I doubt that T.O. will be the tough boss here and demand a remedy, but it would be helpful to Pelini and the football program.

What would be even more helpful is to admit that the Huskers are over-rated and have been all year. Without an honest assessment, how can you make the necessary adjustments?

On the way into the locker room at the half today, Pelini insisted in his on air interview that “we will be okay, we will be okay” as he fled from the camera. But he was wrong. And he can say the players didn’t execute his grand plans until he’s blue in the face, that doesn’t explain what’s wrong with this team, or why Husker Nation was treated to yet another mediocre season.

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