Angry Dad of HuskerMax believes this season is a bust no matter what happens against Iowa.

For Bo, no championship equals a failed season and that reality is already written.

Angry Dad also has a slough of head-spinning stats to consider. For instance:

  • In NUâ??s three losses the Huskers gave up 121 points and were outscored by 62 points
  • In the last three games, NU was 19 of 46 on third down conversions, possessed the ball for only 73 out of 180 minutes, and had 17 fewer first downs than their opponents
  • The offense has fallen from 35th last year to 58th nationally, under new OC Tim Beck

I know it is Beck’s first year, and this team’s problems sadly extend to the Blackshirts and to special teams. Yet, a coordinator needs to perform right away at a program like Nebraska.

Whether you’re the patient and forgiving type or not, the fact is Nebraska is now 12 seasons away from its last conference championship. And the way things are going there’s little reason to believe the team’s next conference championship is right around the corner.

Be that as it may, I hope we see a different team on the field today. 5-3 in conference is by definition a winning season, whereas 4-4 is not. At 4-4 we have to accept that the Huskers are a mediocre and highly over-rated team. At 5-3 in conference, plus a great showing in our bowl game, we can recover a bit of swagger, win over key recruits and work hard in the off-season so we’re much better in 2012 and beyond.

Go Big Red.

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