When I have questions about the Huskers, I look to Samuel McKewon of Omaha World Herald for answers. For instance, where was our offensive game plan last Saturday?

In the past five years, Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison has helped run a national title unit â?? Florida in 2006 â?? and the Baltimore Ravens. He threw shadow blitzes and combination coverages at quarterback Taylor Martinez, who seemed snowed by it.

Did Mattison outduel Beck? Yeah. Mattison is paid $750,000 to win that matchup every week.

That answers that. We were outplayed and outcoached.

What about the D? How could we allow 45 points?

Again, it pays to turn to McKewon for answers.

You know the story with Nebraska’s defense. Not enough depth. Not enough horses. No pass rush. Average recruiting. It can’t be on the field for 80 plays and 41 minutes. The Blackshirts need the Husker offense for cover. When Beck and Co. can’t provide it â?? when the plan looks bad from the jump â?? you eventually get defensive breakdowns. You get 28- or 31-point losses.

If you find truth in McKewon’s answers, as I do, you can see the problem the football program is facing. A win against Iowa will certainly help quiet the critics, but the core issues remain.

For instance, are you looking forward to two more years of Taylor Martinez at QB?

The offense Beck draws up on paper doesn’t translate to the field of play. To have a dual-threat QB, the player has to be able to throw the ball effectively. Cody Green is a dual-threat QB, but he took off when Beck and Pelini’s intentions were made evident.

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