I’m thrilled that we’re playing Michigan in Ann Arbor tomorrow. They’re not Penn State, which is a relief, but more importantly this is the kind of late season Big 10 game that the season rides on. 10-2 is within our grasp, but 8-4 is also a possibility, as is 9-3. Which means that tomorrow’s game is a big deal for all the right reasons.

Randy York, senior writer and director of creative services for Nebraska’s athletic department, caught up with Husker legend Cory Schlesinger, who believes Nebraska will comes out on top tomorrow in the Big House.

â??I like the way Rex Burkhead plays and the leadership he shows. Heâ??s just a workhorse and inspires others to work hard. He knows how to ignore the distractions, play physical and put the team ahead of everything else. Thatâ??s how we won and why theyâ??ll win. Itâ??s part of our tradition.â?

That’s sound thinking.

Another no-nonsense team player that’s ready to do some damage in Ann Arbor is Will Compton. The junior led Nebraska with 13 tackles at Penn State and he was the Huskers’ defensive player of the game, according to Rich Kaipust of the Omaha World Herald.

All-America candidate Lavonte David leads NU with 97 tackles, while Compton is second with 64. To win in the Big House we’ll need both Blackshirts to play outstanding games, along with the rest of the squad.

Another Husker who is performing at a high level is Tim Marlowe, who has had seven catches in Nebraska’s last four games.

Brian Rosenthal of Lincoln Journal Star reports that Marlowe, who is from Ohio, was partial to Notre Dame while growing up. “I’ve always hated Michigan, so it’s going to be fun playing against the Maize and Blue.”

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