Tom Osborne said on KLIN radio this morning that Husker fans might want to wear something other than Nebraska red in unHappy Valley this Saturday. He said he and Bo Pelini would understand, even though I do not.

Apparently T.O. and Nebraska Regent Tim Clare of Lincoln are concerned about the safety of Nebraska fans and players.

According to a national news report, Clare said, “Happy Valley is a pretty interesting place on a normal football Saturday. Given what’s developed the last several days, particularly last night, we have a duty to ensure that our football student-athletes, staff, coaches and our fans are safe.”

By “interesting place” he no doubt refers to the rude treatment Nebraska fans received in 2002 when the Huskers lost 40-7 to the Nittany Lions. One Nebraska fan, Jeff “Rocky” Sisel of Arlington, Va., said his safety concerns won’t stop him from going to Happy Valley.

Sisel said he will go with four or five friends to Saturday’s game. He said he’s considered renting a car for the trip because he’s worried his own vehicle will be targeted for vandalism.

Meanwhile, Penn State interim coach Tom Bradley, speaking at a news conference, admonished students to not engage in hooliganism. “I think the message is clear: Let’s show them what Penn State is really all about … Let’s show class; let’s show dignity,” Bradley said.

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