Northwestern came to Lincoln to win. Their determination and their ability was front and center from the first snap, and it never waned. Much to our chagrin…

Tom Shatel sums it up:

Call it the annual gag. Or the yearly hiccup. But until Nebraska learns to avoid this sort of glitch, there won’t be any BCS bowls or conference championships in Bo Pelini’s program.

Shatel also says there’s still a chance for 10-2, “but if NU is sitting home watching the Big Ten title game, it will seem like an empty 10-2.”

10-2 sounds awfully generous for a team that was dismantled by Northwestern yesterday and about to face Penn State, Michigan and Iowa. 8-4 is more likely, and to get to 8-4 we need to beat Penn State, Michigan or Iowa. Otherwise, Nebraska finishes 7-5.

I know many Husker fans were surprised by what transpired yesterday. I was surprised last Saturday. That’s the day this Nebraska team played an “out of character” game. Sadly, our weaknesses on D have been evident all year, even in September when Fresno State and Washington moved the ball on us with ease.

Finishing at 9-3 is the other option, and 9-3 would be a great finish for this team, but not for Nebraska football fans. We banished one of our own after he went 9-3 — and now he coaches in the MAC.

I wonder how long “The People of the Corn” will put up with a coach who doesn’t win championships?

Maybe there’s a bit too much Youngstown up in this house. It can’t be easy to have your brother in the line of fire, but right now that’s precisely where both Pelini brothers find themselves. Yes, a good percentage of fans are Pelini supporters. I like them myself, but this is Nebraska and you win at Nebraska or you make room for people who do.

Will Bo or his brother be sent packing after this season? Unlikely, but let’s see how the ball bounces. At 7-5, all bets are off.

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