, perhaps the most popular Husker-related site on the web, is currently offline.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the site was shut down Tuesday, on an order this week by a California judge.

It was a victory for the website’s founders, David Max, a California businessman who grew up in Page, Neb., and Joe Hudson, copy desk chief at the Denver Post and a former Lincoln Star reporter (Hudson is not named in the suit).

Max filed a lawsuit in 2010 against former partner in the site, Eric Park, who has continued to operate Huskerpedia after the dissolution of their partnership.

The lawsuit also goes after Park’s company Information SuperBrand, based in Irvine, Calif., which manages more than 1,500 Web sites, including more than 1,000 “pedia” domains in 40 categories.

Max alleges he’s owed $392,000, but the judge in the case awarded Max damages totaling $1,396,961.49. Max’s attorney said it’s unlikely his client will see much of the money, but the verdict does clear his name.

One of the more interesting details in the case: HuskerPedia generates more than $1.5 million in revenue annually. Who knew there was so much money in pointing to other content?

Max has started a new site called HuskerMax, and he and Hudson are focused on making the new site a success.

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