Nebraska won big today in a road game against a seriously out-manned opponent.

I’m happy that there was never a question about who was in control of this one–it reminded me of how things used to be when we rolled in to Lawrence, Ames and other college towns. Over before it ever started.

There were also some outstanding plays in this game…

Nebraska’s Kenny Bell, scampered for a 82-yard touchdown run on a reverse early in the second quarter to put the Huskers up 17-0.

Brandon Kinnie hauled in a career-long 61-yard reception midway through the second quarter to set up Nebraska’s fourth offensive score of the day.

Senior safety Austin Cassidy provided Nebraska’s scooped up a second-quarter fumble by Minnesota quarterback MarQuies Gray and plunged into the end zone for his second career touchdown.

Yet, it wasn’t all good. The Golden Gophers managed to outscore the Huskers 14-7 in the second half. We can pretend it doesn’t matter, but when there’s a BCS computer tallying every move the team makes, it does matter.

Tad Stryker says, “The Cornhusker defense played very gingerly at times. There is almost no reckless abandon among Carl Pelini’s charges â?? no jumped pass routes, only one takeaway, even against one of the nationâ??s worst offenses. There is no hint yet of a killer instinct.”

Be that as it may, the team is highly ranked and headed for glory or something less than that. With Michigan State coming to town next Saturday, we will need that absent killer instinct and much more to notch a “W”.

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