Bo Pelini is a hot head in need of some cooling.

After a critical article by Omaha World-Herald reporter Dirk Chatelain appeared in the paper last week, Pelini freaked. And his freak out continued into the post-game press conference on Saturday night, much to his own detriment and by extension to the university’s detriment.

Jump ahead to 4:45 to see Pelini at his worst:

Omaha World Herald reporter Lee Barfknecht responded in Sunday’s paper:

The World-Herald is by far the state’s largest news enterprise. As long as there is football at Nebraska, we will cover the actions of the football coach, whether it is Bo Pelini or Bo Diddley. And we’ll do it every day without fear, favor or malice.

Indeed. Pelini’s act is getting hard to stomach. Nebraska doesn’t need a punk at QB anymore than it needs a punk in the head coach’s office. Tough, yes. Demanding, yes. Punk, no.

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