Like the players, fans sometimes need a day to recover from Saturday’s game, either because they drank too much, or because the quality of play was otherwise upsetting.

I’m glad Nebraska pulled out the win against Fresno State, and stretched the score in the fourth, but the first three quarters of play was like a taco pizza — guaranteed to give one indigestion.

According to Husker Insider, Coach Pelini isn’t pleased, but his stomach is just fine.

â??Thereâ??s consternation around here if you donâ??t win 50-0 every week. Thatâ??s just the way it is. I look at the reality of where we are and where we need to go to get better. Thatâ??s what I focus myself on. If I start worrying about what others think, Iâ??ll end up in a rubber room.â?

Minutes later, Pelini elaborated on the Huskersâ?? defensive letdown Saturday night. â??I think every now and then you need to get smacked in the face and get a wakeup call,â? he said. â??Last week, we were humbled. At the end of the day, it doesnâ??t matter what people say you are, or what you are supposed to be, you have to put it out there. You have to do it between the white lines. I donâ??t care who you are. I donâ??t care if youâ??re a projected All-American or if youâ??re a first-year guy. You have to go out there and play. Thatâ??s what makes this game great. Youâ??re only as good as your last snap. Hopefully our guys learned that.â?

I’m glad he said that because I kept thinking during the game that Nebraska is not nearly as good as people say. Tenth best in the nation? I don’t think so. We have yet to see any reason to rank the Cornhuskers that high. Perhaps, we will look better against Washington and Wyoming, but that’s not what concerns me. There’s a massive mountain to climb come October 1, and if this squad fails to improve by then, it’s going to get ugly.

You don’t want to think that way, I know. I don’t either, but let’s look at the schedule. It’s possible that we could lose three times in October and three more times in November. An average team playing Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State, Michigan and Iowa would indeed lose six of eight in that stretch. I’m hoping we are much better than average, but hoping for the best doesn’t win many football games.

During the game on Saturday I kept thinking, damn I wish we could swap QBs with Fresno State, because they have a real one. We have a fleet footed ball-dropper who throws air balls.

I didn’t make any pre-season predictions this year, but two games in, it’s plain to see we’re in trouble. We may not lose six conference games, but we will likely lose four. Unless something changes, and fast.

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