Sportswriting in the hands of a master is a thing to behold. And Nebraska has its own Frank Deford on the Huskers beat. His name is Sam McKewon and he works for Omaha World Herald, following the superlative job he did for Nebraska State Paper.

Writing is a craft, and craftsmen sends zingers out into the world. For instance, Taylor Martinez said he couldn’t watch ESPN anymore last fall, so he’d turn on CMT to help redirect his attention.

McKewon’s zinger on the matter: “Toby Keith, the antidote to living in a fishbowl.”

The guy has chops.

Speaking of Martinez, word is he’s a young man transformed.

McKewon, of course, must know why. He’s tracing the change to Tim Beck, Nebraska’s new Offensive Coordinator.

Beck took over as NU’s offensive coordinator in early February â?? when Pelini finally announced Shawn Watson’s departure â?? and immediately set a different tone with players.

Beck is more relational with his players than Watson, who preferred a more remote, business-like approach. Beck’s door is open to his players to talk about anything.

Apparently, Martinez is responding well to this type of coaching. He’s also not hobbling around the field. Instead, he’s healthy and confident.

All of which is great news — let’s score some points.

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