Shawn Watson interviewed for the Vanderbilt head coaching job and he was in the running at Miami of Ohio. Were these new job possibilities ultimately distractions that will now cost Watson his job?

A logical person would think that Watson’s job is, in fact, on the line. But not so fast…

Jon Johnston of Corn Nation rightly points out that Bo Pelini not only supports Shawn Watson, but that he’s ready and willing to make excuses for him and for his offense’s poor performance this season.

“He took some heat for some of the things that happened at the end of the year,” Pelini said during a Holiday Bowl news conference. “But once again, I think people forget that life changes a little bit when your signal caller gets hurt and all of a sudden all of your continuity goes out the window a little bit. But I trust him. He’s a good football coach. I know he’s ready to do his job (Thursday).”

This was all said prior to the playing of the game. A game Nebraska lost to a 6-6 Washington team. Johnston of Corn Nation says, “the loss occurred because the once heralded Husker offense scored only seven points while pounding out 91 yards on the ground and 98 yards through the air against a defense that was missing three defensive line starters and came into the game ranked 102nd against the run.”

That’s a firing offense. There’s no other way to put it. To not let Watson go after this piss poor performance says it’s okay to fail, and I would agree that it is okay, when you learn from it and come back better prepared for the game’s challenges. As we know, Watson’s offense did not come back better prepared. We lost four games this year, and all four losses we pathetic precisely because we did not move the ball. At all.

Where was Zac Lee this season? The guy is a leader and he gets one look against Texas? That’s a bad decision. Period. Help me here, I don’t want to second guess Bo Pelini or Shawn Watson, but that’s the nature of things when the season goes awry. Every Husker fan can see that T Magic is quick on his feet when he’s healthy, but we can also see he’s incapable of managing a game and that he throws like a girl. That’s why there’s so much mystery to this thing. Fans want to know why did it go down this way? I know it must look a lot different inside the coach’s offices, but on the field all the signals are crystal clear.

If we’re lucky, Bo Pelini is studying tape of the season right now and coming to the unavoidable conclusion that big changes are needed on the offensive side of the ball. If he does not come to that conclusion, our inaugural Big 10 season could be seriously painful.

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