Nebraska fans and reporters covering the game were spouting off on Twitter last night.

For HuskerZone readers who don’t use Twitter, it’s like a big cocktail party where lots of people are talking and sometimes their talk forms nuggets one can hold onto (or bite into, as the case may be). Nuggets like these:

I’m done with Taylor Martinez. Him and his dad can get the hell away from the Huskers. #Huskers #NUvsUW – @ScottWheeler

Martinez needs to be pulled. He does not know how to manage a football game. He’s taken so many third down sacks the last two games. – @Sean_Callahan

Working on my anger issues – thanks #Huskers – @davidburn

HORRIBLE pass, great catch!!!! Whew!!! #Huskers – @rdqlus_creative

This game turns on the absolutely pathetic display by NU’s offensive line. – @davesund

This is by far the most shocking development of the bowl season. Nebraska has some serious questions to address at OC. – @PreSnapRead

So far this game has lived down to my expectations. – @tomshatelOWH

As if all the Twitter rage wasn’t enough, someone also monkeyed with Shawn Watson’s Wikipedia entry last night. It’s fixed now, but last night it said, “Shawn Watson has consistently lost games because of poor play calling and stupidity. It is suspected that he is taking bribes from Casey Martinez, Taylor Martinez’s father, in order to ensure that Taylor plays no matter how terrible his performance is. No one knows why he has yet to be fired by head coach Bo Pelini.”

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