Winners have a certain swagger. It might be kept in check, but it’s always there.

Bo Pelini is a winner. Here’s what the coach had to say to the press earlier today in San Diego:

â??Our guys feel weâ??re at a point in the program that now, going forward, we can beat anybody in the country,â? Pelini said emphatically. â??I can say it wasnâ??t like that 18 months ago. Thereâ??s a lot of hard work involved in that. Thereâ??s not a team in the country we donâ??t feel we can walk on the field and beat.â?

â??We also understand that there are teams in the country that if you donâ??t play right, if you donâ??t do what you need to do, theyâ??ll come out and beat you,â? Pelini said. â??You know, thereâ??s a respect for the game. Thereâ??s a culture about how we go about our business and how we take the field. With that, weâ??ve progressed.â?

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