November 13, 2008

Huskers Set The Bar High

The Kansas City Star is running a glowing article on Bo Pelini and how much we all love him. There’s not much new in it, but I do appreciate the way the story ends.

â??Iâ??m trying to focus on what needs to happen day by day to get our program where it needs to be, and weâ??re never satisfied,â? he said. â??We had higher expectations than (this year so far).â?

History â?? and guys like Frank Solich â?? remind you that Peliniâ??s answer is a good one. Because in Nebraska, the honeymoons can be short and, if youâ??re not chasing championships, your time is often limited.

â??Is he doing well overall?â? asked booster Roger Brown. â??Hell, doing well, heâ??s doing terrible! He hasnâ??t gone undefeated yet.â?

Then the booster laughed. He was joking.

Sort of.

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