Nebraska State Paper nails the condition Husker Nation is in this today with their subhead: Hello, hangover. Hello, blowout. Hello, reality.

Sam McKewon writes:

No. 4 Missouri landed a haymaker square on Nebraskaâ??s chin one minute into the game, took a round off, then thoroughly pummeled the Huskers, who drowned entirely in a sea of defensive breakdowns, turnovers and painful penalties.

It was another primetime debacle on national television, and it left a record crowd of 85,372 fans at Memorial Stadium stunned, angry, and prone to the mock cheers of 2007.

Afterward, a stunned, angry Bo Pelini apologized â??to everybody associated with the University of Nebraska football.â?

â??Damn right, yes I am embarrassed,â? Pelini said. â??â?¦Itâ??s my responsibility. I was hired to do a job and I didnâ??t do the job tonight.â?

Well, we know how the head coach feels. Sadly, we’ve been feeling it for many years, whereas Bo Pelini is just now getting a taste of the shit sandwich.

Of course, we’re going to improve from here. That’s a given, as there’s really no way to go but up.

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